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Titleist Mens Vokey Deisgn SM7 Wedges

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    Titleist Mens Vokey Design SM7 Wedges

    Know Your Letter With 6 Tour Proven Grinds

    Introducing the latest Titleist Vokey Design SM7 wedges. Through improved progressive centre of gravity (CG), optimised spin milled grooves, and the game's benchmark for Tour validated grinds, new SM7 wedges offer maximised spin, control, and consistency for more confidence on every shot.

    The centre of gravity (CG) can vary slightly between different lofted wedges, based on the bounce and sole grind of the wedge. Vokey Design SM7 wedges feature a progressive centre of gravity, optimised for each loft, bounce and grind for improved distance control, tighter shot dispersion and exceptional feel throughout the wedge set.

    Vokey's Spin Milled process is unique to each finish and loft for the sharpest, most consistent groove edges. Vokey Design SM7 wedges feature a Parallel Face Texture for more consistent groove edges, tighter quality tolerances, and maximum spin. SM7 wedges also feature a distinct groove design between lofts: low lofts (46°-54°) are designed with narrower, deeper grooves, while higher lofts (56°-62°) have wider grooves. The result is superior spin and control on all wedge shots.

    With a variety of grind options, Vokey wedges grinds are played, proven and perfected on Tour, helping to create shot versatility for any level of player in any type of condition. Available in Tour Chrome, Jet Black or Brushed Steel finish, the new Vokey SM7 Wedges offer serious performance for the serious golfer.

    • Spin Milled Grooves.
    • Progressive Centre of Gravity.
    • Precise Distance Gapping.
    • True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 steel shaft.
    • Wedge Flex.
    • Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.
    • Right-handed.
    • 1-Year Guarantee.

    Tour Validated Grinds

    Enhanced shot versatility to fit your swing type and course conditions courtesy of Bob's tour proven grinds.

    • L Grind - Narrow crescent sole with small forward bounce surface and minimal camber. This low bounce grind is designed for the slider swing type and firm conditions.
    • S Grind - Full sole with straight trailing edge ribbon and moderate heel relief. This mid bounce grind is designed for the slider/neutral swing type and medium/soft conditions.
    • M Grind - Crescent sole with narrow forward bounce surface and moderate camber. This mid bounce grind is designed for the slider/neutral swing type and firm/medium conditions.
    • D Grind - The player’s high bounce wedge. High measured bounce with the crescent shape of the M Grind for shot making versatility.
    • F Grind - Full sole with moderate camber and small trailing edge ribbon. This mid/high grind is designed for the slider/neutral/digger swing type and firm/medium/soft conditions.
    • K Grind - Wide sole with increased bounce and enhanced camber. This high bounce grind is designed for the neutral/digger swing type and medium/soft conditions.
    PITCHING  46.10  46°  64°  F  35.75"  D3

     48.10  48°  64°  F  35.75"  D3
    GAP  50.08  50°  64°  F  35.50"  D3

     50.12  50°  64°  F  35.50"  D3

     52.08  52° 64°   F  35.50"  D3

     52.12  52°  64°  F  35.50"  D3
    SAND  54.08  54°  64°  M  35.25"  D5

     54.10  54°  64°  S  35.25"  D5

     54.14  54°  64°  F  35.25"  D5

     56.08  56°  64°  M  35.25"  D5

     56.10  56°  64°  S  35.25"  D5

     56.14  56°  64°  F  35.25"  D5
    LOB  58.04  58°  64°  L  35.00"  D5

     58.08  58°  64°  M  35.00"  D5

     58.10  58°  64°  S  35.00"  D5

     58.12  58°  64°  D  35.00"   D5

     58.14  58°  64°  K  35.00"  D5

     60.04  60°  64°  L  35.00"  D5

     60.08  60°  64°  M  35.00"  D5

     60.10  60°  64°  S  35.00"  D5

     60.12  60°  64°  D  35.00"  D5

     60.14  60°  64°  K  35.00"  D5

     62.08  62°  64°  M  35.00"  D5
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