Brush T Golf Tees
Brush T Golf Tees
Brush T Golf Tees
Brush T Golf Tees
Brush T Golf Tees
Brush T Golf Tees
Brush T Golf Tees

Brush T Golf Tees

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Brush T Golf Tees

The innovative Brush-t performance golf tee allows you to tee your ball at a consistent height on flexible synthetic bristles that bend on impact, creating a feel of driving the ball off the air. Unlike a regular golf tee, the bristles on the brush tee provide significantly less resistance which produces dramatically longer and straighter drives.

  • Distance - The lightweight but sturdy Brush t is based on a unique nylon bristle "cup" that supports the golf ball. The secret behind its success is the flexibility of the bristles which allow the ball to be struck with a minimum of resistance and deflection.
  • Accuracy - Brush T eliminates up to 2% of left or right defelection and that means greater accuracy for your shots. Over 300 yards a 2° deflection can make your shot up to 14 yards wide of the mark!
  • Consistent tee height - Incorrect tee height can rob you of extra yards. With the deep face drivers on the market today, the incorrect tee height can rob you of extra yards. In order to get the maximum out of these new deep face drivers, you have to hit the ball higher on the clubface. Using BRUSH T's creates a consistent ball height to get the maximum launch angle and improved distance.
  • Permitted under the USGA rules of golf - The Brush Tee is permitted under the USGA Rules of Golf.
  • Blistered pack of 3.
  • Black: Drivers.
  • Blue: Fairway.
  • Orange: Oversized.
  • Yellow: Extra Long.
  • 1 pack of each option has 1 pack of each size excluding the mixed sizes pack (4 packs in total).

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