FatPlate ArcMat Stroke Path Trainer

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FatPlate ArcMat Stroke Path Trainer

ArcMat improves your stroke so that you hole more putts! Programme your stroke for Absolute Precision.

ArcMat’s (Technical side) stroke track contrast gives you a strong visual pathway within which to move your club whilst the sweetspot arc, stroke track & numbered face angle lines give complete guidance throughout the stroke. By removing the sweetspot arc, face angle lines & square face setup line, ArcMat’s transitional side then becomes the perfect bridge between technical training & the natural appearance of the green.

  • Helps you develop a more precise & consistent stroke pattern.
  • On average 10ft putts finish 25% closer to the hole after a 1 hour session.
  • Double-sided for technical & transitional training.
  • Supplied with 24 Page Training Guide - Practice/Playing Record.
  • Can be used on a real green, putting mat or even at home on your carpet using the stub tees provided.
  • Used by tour pros & PGA coaches throughout the world.
  • Access to FatPlate's Assisted Learning video series of practice drills.

Which stroke arc is right for me?

The most common stroke tends to be Slight but there are a number of ways that you can check:

  • Match the correct model to your putter:

    • Face-balanced putters: straight arc.
    • Slightly toe weighted: slight arc.
    • More toe weighted: strong arc.
  • By personal preference & feel:

    • If you prefer to rock your shoulders & swing straight back & through then opt for an ArcMat Straight. If you like to feel an exaggerated stroke arc then opt for ArcMat Strong. If you're anywhere in between the two previous beliefs then opt for ArcMat Slight.
  • If you're still unsure:

    • Simply ask a buddy to crouch down behind you whilst you make a few practice strokes and look to see if your stroke is straight, slightly arced or strongly arced.

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